TOP 5 best hairdryer brushes for hair straightening

It is known that the owners of wavy hair always dream of having straight hair. Now there are many devices for straightening unruly curls. A hairdryer does this job well for creating smooth curls. For more insights jump to: Best Hair Straightening Brush

Features of the selected models

A hair dryer - a straightening brush will be the best choice for styling. Such a device will not only smooth the curls, but also create the necessary volume at the roots, help twist the tips in exactly one direction.

The round nozzle is suitable for straightening curls. The bristles will comb your hair and the hot air will smooth the scales on your hair.

To lay the bangs, use a nozzle with a smaller diameter. As arule, manufacturers complete their devices with several nozzles.

Philips HP8656

You can now dry and style your hair at the same time with the new Philips Hair Dryer Brush HP8656 . With this versatile appliance, you can create the perfect hairstyle while protecting your hair from drying out .In addition to voluminous styling and curls, the styler will also help you gently straighten your hair without damaging its structure. The power of the device is 1000 W , which will be more than enough to get truly magnificent hairstyles.

BaByliss 2736E (2735E)

If you want to buy a multi functional device for your hair,then the BaByliss 2736E hair dryer is a high-quality device designed to create a variety of hairstyles. The design of the product provides for the presence of a round brush with teeth, at the base of which there are holes through which cold or hot air enters . Thus, combing your hair along the entire length, you can not only dry it, but also straighten it from the very roots, create volume at the roots, twist the ends to the outer or inner side and even curl . It all depends on your preferences.

Rowenta CF 9320

The Rowenta CF 9320 Automatic Rotating Dryer Brush is the perfect companion for drying and styling any hair type. The Rowenta CF 9320 is very easy to operate , and the availability of several speeds and temperatures will help you constantly monitor the process.

Bosch PHA2661

The Bosch PHA 2661 beautixx curly ion hair dryer is produced for hair care and has wide functionality. A large set of attachments allows you not only to dry your hair, but also to curl, straighten strands, as well as various styling. The presence of two temperature modes makes it possible to choose the one suitable at the moment for a particular hairstyle or drying. The cold air function will allow you to consolidate the result. The Bosch PHA 2661beautixx curly ion Hair Dryer has an ionization function, after using which the hair will acquire a healthy look and shine.

Braun ASS 1000

The Braun ASS 1000 PRO / AS 530 MN hairstyle is a versatile tool for creating natural and effective styling in the form of smooth waves,voluminous curls or playful curls. The styler not only perfectly styles your hair, but also prevents it from drying out thanks to its steam moisturizing function. The steam supplied by the appliance makes styling easier, helps to retain moisture in the hair and reduces the risk of damage to the hair structure due to thermal effects.